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Open 2 Post HD Networking Racks

2 Post HD Networking Rack

2 Post HD Networking Rack

JTI 2 Post racks are made of heavy duty steel framel.These products have universal vertical mounting hole patterns which allow mounting of 19” telecommunication and network equipments. Multiple racks can be bayed with the help of baying kit. These uniquely designed racks allow users the flexibility of having an “all side access” of the mounted equipments. These open racks can be modified and customized with the help of accessories to suit specific requirements. JTI 2 Post racks are designed for the needs where large volume cable management and space management is required and are installed at the phisically secured location.

Key Features:
Material and Finish:

Optional Accessories:

Captive mounting hardware:

The dimensions may vary with the changes in rack design:
JTI (2 Post racks Series)Overall heightUsable heightOverall widthUsable width

Note: Other models can be manufactured on request
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